[] is a website in memory of Maryam Mirzahkani. I don’t mean that it is a memorial website: rather, it has taken an important aspect of her life — her interaction with other like-minded mathematicians at a young age — and aims to facilitate such interactions for others, by the setting up of maths4maryams groups. Timothy Gowers 

Join us today and share your math experience with the like-minded friends
We celebrated Mathematics Friendship Day is All Yours

Who You Are

You are passionate about mathematics, perhaps saying something like Maryam: ” The more I spent time on mathematics, the more excited I became. “

Yet, you might have your own doubt whether to pursue mathematics or to “become a writer, perhaps“.

You need a friend who understands you mathematically. If you are all of these, you are now in the right place!

What You Can Do

Register, add your photo and join to as many groups as you wish.

Couldn’t find an interesting group. Create it and add people sharing the same mathematics interests with you.

Keep in mind that not having a photo is against the idea of the website. Add your own photo as your first contribution!

May the Twelfth

Plan for Mathematics Friendship Day (the 12th of May) with the members of your group.

Enjoy the birthday by doing whatever maths activity you like. You know, even talking is an activity!

Share your photos, stories, and activities for the birthday with us!

Mathematics Friendship Day is about you and your friend. Blog is dedicated to only your stories and photos.  


Let us know if you have planned an activity for the Mathematics Friendship Day. Also, if you have any idea for improving


A Dating Website for Mathematics Lovers. 


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