This is the only English page of this website. The purpose of this page is to make the   international WikiLetters written for WikiTalkers accessible to the international readers.

A few words about WikiLetter :

It was one Sunday afternoon six years ago that a group of individuals interested in mathematics education gathered together for the first WikiTalk that proved to be the first of a growing number of seminars in mathematics education which is now approaching to 100!  The rule was simple, if you have something to say that you think it is worth sharing with the other come and WikiTalk.
Wikiletter is the natural child of WikiTalk.
A WikiLetter is a short text of the maximum 2000 words that would be the tip of a research or a collection of related research. Something as naked as possible, presented in the way that we talk through our work with excitement. We just tell it in the most straightforward way possible what that is we are exited about; if we mention the work of someone else, it is more paraphrasing rather than quoting; we focus on just one thing and keep it simple trying to attract our audience, etc, etc.
Here you can find WikiLetters that are originally written for WikiTalkers in English or the ones that are originally written in Farsi  by WikiTalkers and translated into English.
Seventh February 2018
Carolyn Kieran
Ninth April 2018
John Mason
Twenty-eighth May 2018
Dietmar Küchemann
Twenty-second June 2018
David Tall
Fifteenth June 2018
Colin Foster