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    active 4 days, 13 hours ago

    با رعایت ادب از دوستان خواهش میشود تمرکز خود را روی حل سوالات بگزارند.

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  • Group logo of Aleph_0
    active 4 weeks ago

    بحث و گفتگو در مورد تاریخ ریاضی. ایده‌های شکل‌گیری مفاهیم اساسی در ریاضیات
    Discussion about history of mathematics

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  • Group logo of Game theory
    active 4 weeks ago

    This group is not only for mathematicians, but also for students of economics, political science, and other subjects – and for anyone interested.

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  • Group logo of حل مسائل چالشی
    active 2 months ago

    :))) کنارهم مسائل چالشی قرار میدیم و حل میکنیم
    مسئله هایی که سطحی از دانش ما رو به چالش میکشه

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  • Group logo of Statistics
    active 2 months ago

    A place for talking about mathematical statistics!

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  • Group logo of welovemaths
    active 2 months ago

    All about New Creations in Mathematics.

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  • Group logo of Love Math
    active 2 months ago

    Perhaps this group can help us Love Math

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  • Group logo of Combinatorics
    active 2 months ago

    combinatorics, graph theory, all the good stuff!

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  • Group logo of Art of Problem Solving (ETH)
    active 2 months ago

    A mathematical circle, aiming on problem solving alone. Anybody with high-school prior knowledge can join.

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  • Group logo of The Heart of Mathematics
    active 3 months ago

    ”The heart of Mathematics is problem solving.” Paul Halmos
    ”Mathematics is queen of sciences.” Gauss

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